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My daughter is very picky when it comes to picking studios,she looks them up all alone and when she found this studio...She was unsure at first,and so was I because I thought she may not like it. But now she's the dancer she's always wanted to be and she's blossomed with the help of the people here.


Date of Posting: 26 January 2013
Posted By: tracey N/A

this well be my second year everybody is nice and funny and awesome the teacher make you do your best =)


Date of Posting: 17 August 2012
Posted By: abbigail belotte

This will be our 3rd year here. We love it!! Shari & the other support staff go above and beyond for anything and everything we may need. The teaching staff is caring, fun, professional, and show great patience with the students. Thank you Inspirations!We are looking forward to several more years of dance with you. :)


Date of Posting: 13 August 2012
Posted By: Shawn Mastroianni

I would like to compliment Inspirations for the extraordinary teaching and attention that they give to all their students. My daughter came to Inspirations this year because she was becoming very frustrated with the school that she was attending. She felt that she was not growing andexcelling and was ready for more than they were able to offer. I have to say that there is no comparison to what she has learned and what I have witnessed. Her teachers are awesome and she is now truly excited about her future in dance. I also have another child in the music program and can't say enough about his instructor. I am extremely glad that we came to Inspirations and would like to say Thank You so much for everyone that is there including all the receptionists who put up with so many demands and questions, always very willing to help and always with a smile on their faces.


Date of Posting: 01 May 2012
Posted By: Barbara Ferraro

I never thought that 1 simple step or dance on stage could change your whole life but Inspirations Dance Academy told me that. And right when i stepped in the studio i thought that i would be terrible but the teachers proved me wrong even just by a little stretch. Practice Makes Perfect !! and i learned from that. Mostly when you fall from practicing you just have 2 get back up and try harder. I never thought that my whole life would change at Inspirations Dance Academy. And i just have 1 last thing 2 say that I LOVE INSPIRATIONS DANCE ACADEMY!! :) IPAC ROCKS !! :) LOVE YOU ALL !! :) <33333


Date of Posting: 26 November 2011
Posted By: Lexi Estrada

I love IPAC! Ever scince I started to dance with all of these amazing people, I saw myself and others progress so much! I love dancing here and I couldn't imagine life without IPAC! IPAC RULES!!!!


Date of Posting: 21 July 2011
Posted By: Samantha McGlone

i just wanted 2 say that i love this place and my friends and teeachers this place rocks I will never stop dancing here.


Date of Posting: 21 January 2011
Posted By: Alexia E

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the Zumba classes. The class is such a great workout and a great avenue to release the daily stress. I very much appreciate that you have done this for the IDA community and wanted to say THANKS !!


Date of Posting: 27 November 2010
Posted By: Vanessa L.

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to save some money on our kids costumes as well as having some yummy treats for the holidays.


Date of Posting: 27 November 2010
Posted By: Lauren A.

My daughter started Inspirations in Selden this summer (2010). This was a huge transition for her and our family. It was time to move on from a studio which she has been with for 7 years. Just turning 13 and have had many relationships with her previous dance friends and teahers, I knew this would be a delicate move. Well, from the momment we walked in with all her mixed emotions the entire staff from the owner Christine,teachers, and students welcomed her with open arms. She is now part of Inspirations National Dance Team and has made herself at home with new teachers and friends. I can't thank Christine and her staff enough for making this transition for our family a pleasant experience. As a mom I can't say enough about their pofessionalism and dance education they have thus far given my daughter. Thank you again for everything, we are proud to be part of your family now.


Date of Posting: 30 September 2010
Posted By: Linda Garelli

I came her to this dance studio this year in 2010 i loved it since i took a trial to my lyrical class.this dance studio is the greatest and best dance studio ever thank you for being so nice and thank you miss.cristine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE, SYLWIA JARMOLOWICZ!


Date of Posting: 09 August 2010

"Inspirations dance academy is my favorite dance studio all the teachers are great all of the dances the teach are amazing and all of the classes ae fun and wonderful. I Love Inspirations Dance Academy!"


Date of Posting: 29 July 2010
Posted By: bella sciacca

Inspirations Dance Academy has inspired all 4 of my children in various ways. My older three children were always involved with theatre arts and were very successful with acting and singing but soon discovered how important dance was in theatre. Inspirations helped them acheive the goal of "triple threat"; singing, acting and dancing. My youngest daugter found self-confidence through dancing. In just a few short years, her confidence and stage prescence has grown tremendously as well as her technique and flexibility. Dance has become a passion and intrical part of our lives.


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Mindy Sullivan

I fully and completely love Inspirations Dance Academy. I learned so much in only 3 years, and dancing has come to be my favorite thing to do. Before coming to the studio I always get excited about seeing all the friends I've made and seeing my dance teachers. Everyday the dancers and teachers encourage me to work harder and be better, and that's exactly the type of environment I want to be in.


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Joey NA

My daughter was very shy. She cried every day at school and didn’t want to leave me. Dancing at Inspirations changed all that. My daughters self confidence has blossomed and she looks forward to going to dance. Christine Lattenhauer-Pam is a true mentor to the kids.


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Mrs. VerStraten

I have nothing but the utmost respect and praise for Inspirations Dance Academy Miss Christine and her staff are so “inspiring” to the children. My daughter gained a tremendous amount of self confidence and really came out of her shell. Her world revolves around dance! Thank you IDA- Keep up the great work!


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Mrs. O’Brien

My daughter loves going to dance where she receives a lot of attention and praise.


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Mrs. Merkle

We have been a part of IDA now for over three years. Each year we are more impressed with the recitals and the degree to which the dances and routines are planned out. Well done IDA!


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Mrs. Keogh

Dancing at Inspirations has enhanced Jenna’s self confidence and allows her to freely express her creativity without being embarrassed. She’s been dancing at Inspirations since she was 2 ½ and is in her 6th year. It has also reinforced discipline and concentration.


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Mrs. Fanelli

Laura loves dancing at IDA. Her dancing has improved so much and Miss Christine has provided Laura with many opportunities to grow.


Date of Posting: 11 November 2009
Posted By: Ms. McAndrews

The “Dancing Diamonds” class, with Miss Christine has been a godsend for 4 year old Ava. We thought we would never find a dance class for her with her disability but she loves it and really looks forward to going to dance school every week.


Date of Posting: 08 November 2009
Posted By: Mrs. Glennon

I have never seen so much hard work and dedication! My children have learned very early the importance of the three D’s- Dedication, Direction and Discipline! The positive self-image and self-esteem gained through dance carry on academically as well! Alexia received an A on a project she had to report in front of the classroom. She was actually so eager to do it. She was so at ease because she does this for dance during regionals, nationals and recitals. I do believe shyness is part of your personality and she is very shy but is extremely confident! Confidence is something that is gained through positive self-image fueled by strong, positive experiences and are necessary components to success. Confidence is a success in itself. Dance has provided her with many positive experiences. This is something she will always take with her. The accomplishments will continue to grow in all aspects of her life for no one can take away a good foundation!


Date of Posting: 08 November 2008
Posted By: Mrs. Smith

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